Naked Boys Reading Tickets Available Now!

Imagine five smart, sexy, naked men. Now, imagine them reading great literature, to you. For a good cause. That’s Naked Boys Reading, a fun-filled evening of sensuality, good books, and hot guys.

Join us at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 7 at the Shelton Theater in San Francisco as readers Race Bannon, Richard Bolingbroke, Justin Hall, Tim Shaw, and Jake Wetmore read selections ranging from first century Roman poet Catallus to John Rechy, Doctor Seus, and Tom Gunn.

Produced by Kristine Wilson, producer of Naked Girls Reading in San Francisco and Eric Burkett (San Francisco Leather Daddy’s Boy XXIX), Naked Boys Reading is a fund raising event for two great, local organizations: AIDS Emergency Fund and Immune Enhancement Project. Naked Boys Reading is designed to appeal to your head, your heart, and – ahem – your loins. Buy your tickets here!




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